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Each of us is unique, and so are our health needs. I create custom herbal remedies and wellness plans tailored to your individual journey. I bridge the knowledge of herbal traditions with the latest scientific research to provide you with the most effective, evidence-based care. I believe in treating the whole person - mind, body, and spirit. We’ll partner together to explore the root causes of your imbalances and embark on a path to greater vitality.

1-on-1 Consultations

15-Minute Consultation

15-minute virtual session

We’ll discuss your case, whether or not clinical herbalism is right for you, and may schedule a full intake session.

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Herbal Consultation

1-2 hour virtual session

We’ll discuss your emotional and physical health history and evaluate your case in a safe and welcoming space.

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Follow up sessions ~3-4 weeks at $100/hr
*Price of herbs billed separately

4 Month Herbal Package

1-2 hour virtual session + Three follow ups

We’ll evaluate your case, then create and adjust your herbal protocol over time.

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*Price of herbs billed separately

Areas of Care

Nervous System Regulation

Nervous system health is the essential foundation for our body's communication network, influencing our mental clarity, emotional resilience, and overall vitality.

Digestion & Gut Health

Gut health is the cornerstone of our well-being, where the harmonious interplay of a diverse microbiome and a balanced diet nourishes our body, mind, and immune system.

Pain & Inflammation

Pain and inflammation are the body's silent messengers, urging us to pay attention to areas in need of healing, while the gentle touch of herbal remedies seeks to soothe and restore balance.


The strength and clarity of our breathing system play a pivotal role in nurturing our overall well-being and connection to the world.


Immunity is our body's guardian, a shield of resilience that defends us against the challenges of the world, and nurturing it with the right care and support is the key to our lasting well-being.

Skin Health

Skin health is the radiant reflection of our inner well-being, where the delicate balance of nourishment and care enhances our natural beauty and protects us from the world's elements.

Reproductive Health

Reproductive health encompasses far more than fertility; it's about fostering a profound sense of well-being, balance, and empowerment throughout every stage of life, ensuring that individuals can navigate their unique reproductive journeys with confidence and vitality.

Circulatory & Heart

Circulatory and heart health are the lifeblood of our existence, where a robust cardiovascular system ensures the steady flow of vitality and nourishment to every corner of our being, sustaining our life's rhythm.

Who's Anna?

I'm a wife and mother of two kids, proudly pursuing my passion as a herbalist in the vibrant city of San Francisco. My journey as a cancer survivor has deepened my appreciation for the healing power of nature and fuels my commitment to helping others thrive through holistic care.

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